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You might be a proud owner of an eye-candy shiny ipod classic. But the questions that trouble every owner of a new ipod are where to begin and how to get the best from the handy and trendy tool.

You might be thinking of getting loads of fun with it there is a lot more to learn when you want the best use of your ipod. Ipod classic is the most innovative and newly released ipod. This portable media player is marketed by Apple and is the most sophisticated model of the ipods. There have been six generations of ipod classics and ipod classic is the latest one. With advanced technology of user interface,Guest Posting operating system and some other features ipod classic is the latest ipod by Apple.

Though ipod classic has got many things similar with its previous generation ipod the advanced technology lies in its whopping hard drives. With the minimum of 80GB and maximum of 160GB size, it is an ideal for archive of any song. The other change that you can notice inside the ipod classic is OS that has been upgraded with the menu system. The other major change that is noteworthy is the battery life. In smaller version with 80 GB, you can get 5 hours of video and 30 hours of songs. The larger version with 160 GB memory you can get 7 hours of video and 4 hours of music.

If you look at the features o the ipod classic you will find many pros and cons. The first thing that will catch your fancy is the dual screen menu system. In this system you will find the menus covering only half the screen. But, it would be beneficial only if you need to see something else in the same screen. Otherwise, it is just a waste of space on the screen. In the sixth generation ipod classic Apple has introduced a more powerful search system. You are going to store a lot of files in this device and the search by spelling system is a pretty useful upgrade.

Of course there is no doubt about the better battery life. 30 hours of audio playback and 5 hours of video on 80GB version and forty hours of audio and seven hours of video on 160 GB version is the new interface. The video of the ipod classic is not much different from the ipod but you can get a marginally better quality in ipod classic. The better thing is that, you can play a full length of film on your ipod classic in one charge.

The games that you can play with your ipod classic, such as vortex, iQuiz, Klondike are all new and have much improved graphics. The better aspects of the ipod classic are the greater capacity, longer battery life, superior animated menus and coverflow, scratch resistance metal surface and glass screen, and three free games. On the downside of ipod classic is that this device is not well-suited for 5G games. Even there is no other game available other than these three games. And the chances are also there that the polished metal back is prone to scratches.

The chief difference between ipod classic and its previous version is its capacity of 80GB and 160GB, its new software and smaller shape. Ipod classic is thinner and lighter. Basically, it is a refinement of 5th generation ipod. And you can find it as an evolutionary step by Apple in the field of ipod than a revolutionary one. However, people preferring large iTunes library and watching movie and TV shows during their travel can find it a more useful device. User seeking a truly new experience with ipod can find ipod classic as a handy tool.